Hi Jeremy

I JUST got back from BRC and wanted to send you a little note of deep thanks. I went to the playa this year with friend and wound up falling madly, wildly, and deeply in love with her over the course of the week. A culminating moment was spending an hour in Ascension and realizing how perfectly that piece and poem described our brand new relationship. We've already stopped using "falling" in love and replaced with a much more appropriate word :-)

I'm not sure if this is possible, but would love to figure out a way to support your work and/or have something truly special we can share for the years to come. I know the Kickstarter has passed but maybe there's something else?

Your being inspired to build that piece was deeply meaningful and had a big part in changing two entwined lives forever. We both can't thank you enough.

Hopefully see you on the playa next year!

- Ben