After Burning Man i was on a mission to find the mind behind the heart sculpture, i fell in love with it. From the beginning my current girlfriend and I were really bad drug users before we met each other and over this past year we have grown together and became sober and focused on loving ourselves for who we are and what we have to give back to the world. One thing that we really love is tie dye. We wear it all the time and the heart is tie dye which was amazing and beautiful.

I saw Ascension on Tuesday and was like "wow that is really cool". I was at 9:15 and E so a little ways down from it but I went back to it all the time to just look at it and think about how unfortunate it was that my girlfriend couldn't come with me to Burning Man due to family issues.

Ascension just made me realize how happy I am to have met her and and how happy I am at the place I am in my life right now. It was my favorite piece of Burning Man for those reasons, also knowing that it came from the Bay Area adds to the awesomeness.

I just want to thank you and all of your crew that worked on the project because it really did turn out so beautifully.

- Eugene