Infinite Love.

I have an infinite reservoir of love. It gets replenished every time I GIVE it.
— me

One of the biggest personal realizations I had in the past year was the KNOWING that I am infinite love. This concept that I am love is something I've read and thought about in the past but only understood on the intellectual level. It was during a sound healing ceremony that I made the leap from knowing in my mind to KNOWING with my entire being.

Burning Man 2015 - "YOU ARE LOVE" on the side of my shade structure :-).

Knowing that I am love, that I am infinite love, and finally that the more love I give the more love I receive changed how I live at a fundamental level. It serves as the underlying compass that gives direction to everything that I do.

This personal realization isn't unique to me, however. At the deepest level, love - infinite love - is what we all are. Part of my purpose in this lifetime is to walk the Earth reminding everyone that they too are love.