Heart connected

Ascension is inspired by the deep love and support two people share for each other, and as such it was designed to be an interactive and reflective experience shared between two or more people.

The poem

The experience starts at the heart-shaped stand in front of the main structure, which will be lit up at night. This stand will have the poem, entitled Ascension | Rising in Love laser etched into its surface. 

The poem is intentionally placed on the side of the main structure that has the opening in the heart at the top, so it will be easy to see that there’s more to experience up there. When you climb to the top you’ve literally ascended to another level where you can see the vastness of Burning Man.

Experience your life pulse

The centerpiece of the experience inside the heart will be two heart sensors, each controlling the 1,000 LEDs. Touching each heart sensor will illuminate all of the LEDs on its side, allowing you and the person you're with to directly experience each other's pulse. This personalizes the experience and brings everyone inside the heart closer together in a moment of beautiful reflection.